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Booking & fees

The theatre is available for bookings from individuals and groups. We are flexible and will try to accommodate unusual requests. We are sympathetic to good causes, but as a non-profit ourselves we must cover our costs.

How to make a booking

First, contact the Theatre Manager (below). Tell her your needs and she will advise you on fees, and email you the Theatre Rental contract for you to fill out, sign, and return. When you get to Tofino, she will familiarize you with the workings of the theatre and help make your experience a positive one.

Please use email for contract and other communications, if possible.

Theatre Manager

Our manager is Sophie L’Homme —
A limited amount of the manager’s time comes with every booking. If you need more, that can be negotiated with the manager.

Fees for private events not involving promo or the use of our box office 

These are detailed on the Theatre Rental contract, but in general:

  • Basic theatre fee per evening : with house lights — $85

  • Full production : stage lights & sound / video projector & screen — $200

  • Full production for non-profit and schools — $125

  • Rehearsal time : 4-hour block — $50

  • Technician/projectionist : if you don’t have trained personnel — $150

  • Security deposit (MANDATORY one-time fee, refundable) — $200

  • Insurance voucher — $50

  • Use of our online box office and promotional services — $100

  • Use of the grand piano during concert (tuning not included ) — $50

Fees are per night/per use. If running a series of events, or for other requirements, talk with the Theatre Manager.

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