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Tofino Theatre

The Clayoquot Sound  Theatre is located at 380 Campbell Street. It is an intimate venue with great acoustics, built in 1983 by a team of volunteers who went on to stage many live plays in the space.

Today we host big-screen films, live concerts, stage productions, book launches, presentations, meetings and many other cultural events. Monday Night Movies are a regular happening. The theatre is also the venue for the West Coast Winter Music Series, the Tofino Film Festival, and many other community and touring events.

The 130 m2 (1400 sq ft) theatre has a 72-seat capacity, with banked seating. The technical booth is located at the centre/top of the seating area. The stage, with spots, floods and a good sound system measures 4.9m x 7.2m (35.3 m2) or 16′ x 23’8″ (381 sq ft). A projector and large screen allow us to show DVD, Blu-Ray and PowerPoint to a full audience. We also house a 7 ft Kawai concert grand piano. There is a small concession kitchen in the outer foyer from which beverages and appetizers can be served. Washrooms are conveniently located.

Clayoquot Sound Community Theatre Association

The Tofino Theatre is operated by the CSCTA, a non-profit society, in cooperation with the District of Tofino. The CSCTA was founded in 1987.​


For more information on the facility and upcoming events, contact Theatre Manager

Sophie L’Homme directly at

Our mailing address is PO Box 653, Tofino BC V0R 2Z0. 

Our vision

We envision the CSCTA as a vibrant, forward-thinking organization, running a well-equipped, suitably sized community theatre that is a vital cultural force in our community and region.

The mission of the CSCTA is:

  • to operate and maintain the theatre as a cultural venue for the community

  • to support a wide range of cultural activities: film, live music, etc.

  • to facilitate and produce quality live performance

  • to foster dramatic arts education

  • to provide a space for community groups or individuals

  • to work toward theatre improvement or replacement

Board of Directors, 2022

Cate O’Connell, Eileen Floody, Sandi Rideout, Sophie L’Homme, Zoe Guigueno

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